Windows XP Support End Date is April 8, 2014

The official Windows XP support end date is April 8, 2014. Less than two years from today.

According to this report from Netmarketshare, 47% of all desktop computers are still running Windows XP. In the realm of all Windows operating systems, Windows XP still claims a whopping 51% of computers as it’s home. With Windows 8 looming and security holes that will no longer be patched in less than 24 months time, it’s time for corporate IT teams to get cracking and choose your next OS. What is your next operating system? Even the normally thought to be secure Mac OS has recently shown security vulnerability. Every operating system has security vulnerabilities, especially when left unpatched and unmanaged. Take care of your OS and it will take care of you. Leave an OS alone for years after an install and you are asking for painful headaches down the road. If you are still running Windows XP after the Windows XP support end date of April 8, 2014, then you’re asking for PC trouble. The ageing Microsoft Windows XP OS end of life may spell the  end of corporate relic and home user computers. Time to try linux?