ThinkGeek’s Magnum Pi T-shirt celebrates Mowvember with a Magnum sized ‘stache

ThinkGeek’s limited edition T-shirt this weekend dresses up Pi, as in 3.14159265359 Pi, as Magnum P.I. portrayed by Tom Selleck in the classic 80’s TV show. I remember watching Magnum P.I. in my youth as he “privately investigated” all over the Hawaiian islands. Higgins, the British caretaker of the estate that Magnum P.I. squatted in, would try to keep Magnum in line. ThinkGeek has no word yet on a “Higgins” Boson T-shirt as Hugh Ziegler commented on ThinkGeek’s product page.

Thomas Sullivan Magnum IV and Jonathan Quayle Higgins III in Magnum P.I.

Are you ready for Hawaiian Pi? With a mustache?

If you’re old enough to remember watching Magnum P.I. you’ll totally get this shirt, if not stick with Gundam Style.