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Happy National Puppy Day!

Happy National Puppy Day Silicon Valley! Another sorta holiday that just happens to coincide with National Chip and Dip Day in 2015. Though we don’t recommend that you mix the two holidays. National Puppy Day was created in 2006 by Colleen Paige. She created a few other animal related holidays.



Beagle puppies are traditionally given the day off of work on National Puppy Day. Though they may have to work later than usual the next day to make up the time. This particular pup works for a venture capital firm that primarily invests in bacon based start ups.

The people of Earth are encouraged to savor the warmth of these biological puppies. It won’t be long before they are replaced with robotic dogs roaming the planet:

Think Geek celebrates International Bacon Day with limited edition “Bacon Skyline” T-shirt

Our friends at Think Geek, purveyors of fine tech related goodies, are releasing a limited edition T-shirt celebrating International Bacon Day. The shirt depicts a giant slice of bacon over a city skyline:

Think Geek’s limited edition bacon skyline t-shirt

The Bacon Day Bacon Skyline T-shirt is only available this Labor Day weekend adding another shirt to Think Geek’s long line of limited run T-shirts.

International Bacon Day is the Saturday just before Labor Day, September 1st this year. (020120901 in Y10K compliant Long Now notation)

So that’s today! Enjoy Bacon Day!


If you are a student of baconography and enjoy late nights out on the town, this article may interest you:

Scientific proof that a bacon sandwich is the best cure for a hangover revealed.