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Blue Bottle Coffee now available in cartons

bluebottlelogoOakland based Blue Bottle Coffee has made good use of their recent 25.75 million dollar round of funding to expand into retail grocery stores. Now you can enjoy the fresh flavor of Blue Bottle New Orleans Style Iced Coffee at home without waiting in a long line of hipsters. You just have to wait in line at the Whole Foods checkout as so far these little 10.66 fluid ounce cartons are only available there, and only at NorCal locations so far. Along with creating these little school lunch like cartons of tasty coffee, Blue Bottle Coffee plans on opening more cafés in Oakland, LA, Palo Alto and Manhattan.

The New Orleans Iced Coffee is popular on warm NorCal days in hipster infested locations around the Bay Area and is made with chicory, cane sugar and Clover organic milk.

Update August 2:  The Atlantic just came out with a lengthy article on the expansion of Blue Bottle Coffee and the future of venture cap funded artisan coffee roasters. If you want to read the article, take a few deep slurps of your Blue Bottle NOLA and check out the link.