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Welcome to day 100 of the year 2014

We are 100 days into 2014, the internet is half broken with a bleeding heart and there are still no flying cars. Where are my self driving flying cars? Google? Richard Branson? Elon Musk? Anyone? Maybe that should be a kickstarter project.

Tango T600 narrow electric car makes an appearance in HBO’s Silicon Valley

This YouTube video caught a rarely spotted Tango T600 electric car as seen in HBO’s new comedy ‘Silicon Valley’.


This tiny speedster can do 0-60 in 3.2 seconds all under electric power. The very narrow design can split lanes and fit in narrower spaces than some motorcycles.  The T600 is probably the world’s slimmest car. Seats are set up like an F-14 fighter jet in a tandem arrangement. Though you probably shouldn’t drive the T600 inverted like Maverick and Goose. This is the same orange car that is featured on the website and the Progressive Automotive X-PRIZE. This bright orange specimen is actually owned by someone who has done quite well here in the Valley. This very car has been driven by well known car nut Jay Leno. George Clooney also has a classy glossy black version of this rare electric automobile. He bought the very first T600 from the Spokane, Washington company.

If you like to go fast but want to use petrol instead of electrons, you can pick up a base Audi R8 for close to the same price as a Tango T600. Though going fast isn’t the main design point of this car.

The Tango T600 is similar in size to the Corbin Motors Sparrow (now known as the NmG for No more Gas), but way cooler. This is one tiny Tesla competitor. Hopefully it won’t get tipped over after being left alone in the car park. But it could wind up in an office on April Fool’s Day. Google’s Eric Schmidt found one of these in his office in 2008. A video is still up on YouTube of the tiny car antics. 

One surprising thing you may notice in the clip is how small Eric Schmidt’s office actually is for such a high position in a high powered Silicon Valley company but that’s the way they roll at Google. As you’ll see in the video, this isn’t the first time a car has found its way inside Eric Schmidt office. The Tango T600 weighs about as much as a Subaru Outback due to the batteries, so the Google engineers didn’t carry the mini car into the building. The California license plate of this office dwelling blue car is 6DET206. Other known Cali license plate numbers for these so far extremely rare mini automobiles are for the orange one in the photo above, 6JEY683. Another based in Washington state has plate number 836-JYC.

Most of these cars reside on the West/Left coast. You probably won’t find one of these Tangos speeding up the mountains of Wyoming, but you never know. You can download the brochure for the Tango electric car but you probably will have a hard time finding one for sale.

The first episode of HBO’s Silicon Valley is available in full on YouTube. The fake company website for Pied Piper is also of course live at

Oh, and by the way, I am not Satoshi Nakamoto. Dōmo arigatō, Mr. Roboto.