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I was promised flying cars

It’s the year 2016 but where are the flying cars. I was promised flying cars. I don’t see any flying cars. Why, why, why. Oh wait! there’s one! At Maker Faire in San Mateo.

Ok, so where are the flying Tesla cars? You know, the ones that are going to Occupy Mars? Better make them self driving flying cars. People have a hard enough time driving in ground based cars in Silicon Valley without crashing them into each other.



Happy Pi Day Silicon Valley!

Today is the once a century Pi Day that the date of 3/14/15 at exactly  9:26:53.58 in whichever time zone you are in lines up with the digits of Pi.






Be sure to grab a slice of your fave pizza pie or dessert pie and enjoy Pi day. March 14th also happens to be Einstein’s birthday.


Check out an explanation of Pi from this British Boffin: