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This is what you’ll see when landing in the heart of Silicon Valley at night

Landing at San Jose International Airport in Silicon Valley brings you across the bright lights of the valley. Now all you have to do is build a startup that will make you enough cash to fly in the Gulfstream jets on the other side of the runway. Good luck!

Snow in Tahoe!

The high pressure system that has been blocking most of the storms this season has finally relented and snow is returning to Lake Tahoe. Late snow it is, but none the less there is powder falling on the ski resorts of the Lake Tahoe region again. Enjoy it while you can! #snowintahoe

Smell of burning plastic fills Silicon Valley as a fire burns in Redwood City

You may have noticed a burning rubber/plastic smell permeating the air today in Silicon Valley. It’s coming from another fire at the Sims Metal Management recycling facility in Redwood City. The still air we’ve had here in the valley has let haze and pollution from incidents like this linger. A cold coming in tomorrow is expected to clear out the air.

Rare summer rain hits Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley and the Bay Area are experiencing a rare summer rain event. Though not likely to drop much appreciable rain, any rain is welcome here after an extremely dry winter.

Neon boneyard tour in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The famous Stardust sign at the Neon Boneyard in Las Vegas

Celebrating National Margarita Day


National Margarita Day is February 22nd.

Year of the Snake in Las Vegas, Nevada


Celebrating the Year of the Snake Chinese lunar New Year in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Snakes. Why did it have to be snakes!

Asps. Very dangerous. Indy, you go first!

Virgin America announces flights to Austin and Anchorage from San Francisco

Virgin America announced new scheduled flights from their hub at San Francisco International Airport. The still growing airline will offer direct flights to the Texas tech capital of Austin and summer seasonal to Anchorage, Alaska.

Virgin America is the only airline that has an airplane in the fleet named with a hashtag, #nerdbird in honor of their tech savvy, wired regular customers.

Read the Virgin America press release here.
Virgin America Aircraft at SFO Terminal

Is Silicon Valley going to get snow on Friday morning?

Local weather services are predicting a small possibility of snow hitting the valley floor of Silicon Valley early on Friday morning.

The temperatures will be cold enough early Friday morning but the storm that will cause widespread rain in the Bay Area on Thursday will be waning by then. Only a slight chance of snow exists, but it just might happen. Watch for flakes!


The Abominable Snow Monster from the TV classic Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

If it does snow down here in Silicon Valley, don’t expect much accumulation. If you want to see any amount of real snow you’ll have to make the trek up to Tahoe:

Virgin America launches new San Jose to Los Angeles route

Virgin America announced today that the innovative airline will begin flying direct flights between San Jose (SJC) and Los Angeles (LAX) airports. The SJC to LAX flights are scheduled to begin May 1st, 2013. This will be Virgin America’s first scheduled flight from the South Bay’s main international airport. Read the full press release from Virgin America here.