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Happy 2014 Silicon Valley!

Happy 2014 Silicon Valley and the Bay Area! No Scarlet Plague has stricken the Bay Area in 2013 and no dot com crash has hit as of yet. But some of the signs of a bubbly dot com bubble are appearing. From a frothy, unsustainable real estate market that has pushed rent costs higher and higher, to increased traffic of Tesla Model S 4 door sedans piloted by GoogleGlassHole drivers running up and down the 101. It’s here. The Tech Bubble. When will it pop? No one knows. Yet. Though some of the high flyers of the Tech World in this bubble are different from the era of the past. Some of these booming tech companies in SiliconCali are actually profitable and are minting money as I type.

Best sites for Silicon Valley Tech Jobs

A short list of the best websites on the net for finding your dream job in Silicon Valley:

  •                            Tons of jobs, easy to navigate and narrow your search.
  •                    is on a recent hiring binge. Check them out.
  •                      One of the original job search sites still going strong
  •                      Focuses on jobs for the over 40 crowd.
  • Silicon Valley Gateway     An old school looking job list site.
  • Tech Jobs       Silicon Valley Tech Careers
  •                Another large job search database
  •                   Hiring for a new Sunnyvale location–Job postings at
  •                  Job listings and salary comparison data
  • Careers 2.0                       By stackoverflow

Good luck in your job search and remember #NothingIsImpossible