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Why missing flight MH370 may be at the bottom of the Sunda Trench in the Indian Ocean

Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 has been missing for over a week now with zero confirmed wreckage found. Why? For reasons unknown, the pilot that took control of the plane wanted to disappear with the entire Boeing 777-200ER aircraft. Which pilot is unknown at this point, but it most likely was only one. It is doubtful that both pilot and co-pilot would have agreed to disappear along with 238 innocent victims and a multi-million dollar flying machine. The Boeing 777 has one of the best safety records of any commercial aircraft. The only 777 that has crashed while in flight operations due to mechanical failure was a single British Air flight in 2008.

Of course with no hard evidence yet, this is only a theory. Here’s how it may have gone down. Once the pilot had somehow incapacitated the second pilot and signed off from his last transmission to air traffic control, he disabled the transponder that identifies the aircraft to radar. Radar evidence indicates that the 777 climbed to 45,000 feet, well above the altitude rating for this model aircraft. Why? The pilot in control of the aircraft may have decompressed the passenger cabin to occupy the passengers and climbed up to thinner atmosphere. The rogue pilot would have gone on his oxygen supply and the oxygen masks could have automatically dropped down in the passenger cabin or been disabled. The passengers would be stuck near their seats since the masks are fixed to the ceiling and at 45,000 feet any passenger or crew attempting to breach the cockpit would not be able to get very far in the thin, cold air. Which explains why no cell phone signals were received from anyone on the plane. No one makes a call when they are too busy trying to breathe.

Once anyone who could possibly interfere with his plot was taken out of the picture, the pilot continued to take the plane on his own course turning west toward the Andaman Islands. This course would take the plane to over the Sunda Trench, the deepest part of the Indian Ocean. This deep sea trench, which stretches for over 1,500 miles, reaches depths of over 25,000 feet. If you want to make a large aircraft hard to find in this part of the world, this is where you would go. The pilot may have turned south and followed this trench, already having the GPS coordinates for his flight path ready to follow and stayed low to avoid the radars of neighboring countries. He may have followed this line until he ran out of fuel and plunged into the ocean at gliding speed, or tried to do a high speed dive to punch into the surface. Either way there should be some aircraft debris at the impact site, but with so many days having passed since the disappearance, the debris that remained afloat would be scattered far and wide across the surface of the Indian Ocean.







Little is publicly known about the pilots and crew of this flight, but it seems someone with piloting skill and extensive knowledge of the 777 aircraft seized control of the passenger jet for his own purposes. For what reason anyone can guess. Maybe to have life insurance payouts go to his family which would only happen if the plane is not found and no blame can be placed on the rogue pilot. Or perhaps just to create a mysterious puzzle for the world to solve. Such a strange case that is leaving so many families in limbo without knowing what happened. This is not what the 777 was designed for. It is supposed to fly passengers efficiently and comfortably safely to their destination. Passengers put their trust in the aircraft, aircrew, ground personnel and air traffic control every time they fly. Lets hope we can continue to trust in this amazing transportation system that brings the world closer together. And may every 777 that takes off experience a landing at their final destination like this:

And if the plane was flying over the bright lights of Vegas, it would have a hard time getting lost: