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Super Moon Rising Saturday May 5th

A larger and brighter than normal full moon will greet Cinco de Mayo revelers on the night of May 5th 2012. Known as the “Super Moon” or perigee moon, this full moon is at perigee, which means it is about 50,000 kilometers closer to the Earth than when it is on the other side of the oval orbit at apogee.

Now 14% bigger and 30% brighter!


Well at least the ‘super moon’ appears that way in the sky. Full moons have been feared throughout history as bad omens. Will standing under bright moon beams make you moon   mad? Or do you picture yourself lounging in the Lunar Shire?

NASA’s ScienceCast put together this informative video:

Happy Friday and don’t forget to check out the moon as it rises tomorrow at 8:34 SiliconCali time!