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Chick-fil-A coming to San Jose

Chick-fil-A is hiring for positions at the soon to be open location at the North First Street development just off of 237.

Chick-fil-A will be open in San Jose exactly 10 days from today on Thursday, August 16th 2012.

Well, it looks like the Chick-fil-A in San Jose grand opening has been pushed back a week.



Chick-fil-A will be joining Chipotle, 5 Guys Burgers, Panda Express, Panera Bread and a few other quick food spots. Can’t wait to hit them up for those tasty Chick-fil-A breakfast biscuits! The only other Chick-fil-A locations any where near Silicon Cali are in Fairfield and Rocklin on the way to North Lake Tahoe. Nice to have one in the heart of the valley.

Scheduled to open on Thursday, August 16th 2012,

 Chick-fil-A Restaurant First Street San Jose Location

53 Headquarters Dr
San Jose, CA 95134

Opens: August 16, 2012


The first 100 win food for a year!