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Steve Jobs plays FDR in Apple’s Lost 1944 Commercial

Filmed in 1984, this long lost video clip pits the early machinery of Apple against the established “Blue Blob” of IBM and the PC era.

The Apple 1944 commercial features a lot of inside jokes to rally the Apple troops of the 1980’s. Troops can be seen gambling with memory chips as poker chips, paratroopers are jumping into enemy territory with giant Apple CRT computers, and zombie like workers are chained to their IBM based PCs. At over 8 minutes long, Apples lost 1944 commercial is really a mini-film that plays a bit like the classic 80’s military spoof Stripes, with Bill Murray.

Insanely Great! Go get ’em, Blue Busters!

Victory is sounded with the “Hello I am Macintosh” greeting of the Apple hardware that replaces the old school IBM PC. Modern history since 1984 has shown that the battle has been largely won by Apple.


Because they possessed “The most powerful weapon on Earth, an idea whose time has come!” Ideas like the iPod, the iPad, iTunes, the Mac Book Air and other slick, stylish Apple products.