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Why does the Red Cross keep calling?

The Red Cross, though they do good things, has a problem. Their computerized phone system has a glitch and continues to call my cell phone multiple times a day at all times of the day. Always from the same phone number, 800-733-2767, which is the main number for the Red Cross. When I try to answer these random calls there is just dead space. No messages have ever been left from 800-733-2767. When I tried to call the number back, it just goes to the main menu system for the Red Cross which I didn’t have time to deal with.
Finally, I got tired of the incessant calling and called the main Red Cross number, 800-733-2767, and waited through the menu options. I pressed ‘2’ for blood donations because I assume that is how they got my number. Waited on hold briefly and a nice female voice answered. I explained the problem with the relentless calling. She had heard this before and explained that the call system is glitchy and they are in the process of fixing it. She verified my information and flagged my phone number so the system would stop robo calling me. So far I haven’t received any more calls from them. Time will tell…