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Venture Lab Survey for Team RingCrowd


The free online Technology Entrepreneurship class through Stanford University is basically an online version of Y Combinator. Startup Teams form around a central business idea and develop that idea using Lean Startup techniques. Team RingCrowd developed this survey in order to understand the biggest limitations an entrepreneur faces when forming a startup company and would really appreciate your feedback by filling out the following:


We will never SPAM you. We believe that the marketing model of SPAM-until-you-buy is outdated and doesn’t work. By checking the box you are guaranteed to receive a follow up email from us (and one only) and can opt-in on a per email basis if you would like to continue receiving updates (instead of opting-out). If we are going to send something out we want for it to be helpful for the recipient.

Thank you so very much for your time and we really hope everyone is having fun with the class assignments.


the RingCrowd Team