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Severe Thunderstorms hit the Bay Area and Silicon Valley

A rare severe thunderstorm hits the Bay Area bring lightning strikes, heavy rain and hail to  the area. Most of California is facing a bit of a drought so the pitter patter of rain drops hitting the roof is a welcome sound.

San Francisco Bay Area Weather radar from the National Weather Service.


Weather radar screenshot from NOAA’s National Weather Service site at weather.gov. A good site for reliable weather information without all the annoying flash ads and those ridiculous “One weird trick to ….” ads that plague Weather.com. Weather.gov isn’t ad supported because you’ve already paid for the site whether your use it or not. If you pay federal taxes in the United States, you’re helping to keep weather.gov running. Use it while you can! If you want to see the full loop of radar all over the United States check out this mosaic of all NOAA weather radars in the continental US. Happy weather watching!