Santa Clara Comcast Outage

And again Comcast high speed internet service and cable is out in parts of Santa Clara. How are we supposed to know when the zombie apocalypse starts with no connectivity?

Update: As of 0100 December 20, 2012, Comcast internet and TV is still out in Silicon Valley. Hard to believe that the home of tech has such bad internet service but it does.

Verizon 4G seems to be still working.
Anyone still keep DSL as a backup internet connection?

Update: San Jose and Santa Clara Comcast networks are out of service as of 0230 December 20, 2012.

Usually an internet network outage isn’t too much of a problem, but I just happened to be in the middle of signing important documents through the service when the plug was pulled on the interwebs. But as with many things in the tech world, there are many different ways to keep things running. In this case the Android smart phone comes to the rescue again.