Winning Megamillions Jackpot ticket sold in Silicon Valley

One of the 2 winning tickets for the December 17th Megamillions drawing was sold at Jennifer’s Gift Shop in San Jose. The estimated annuity value of that winning ticket is 318 million dollars. Though it is mega random and the odds are truly against winning, eventually someone hits the right numbers. The jackpot that had reached $636 million has now reset to $15 million. The main megamillions site had briefly showed that next Friday’s jackpot had reached $950 million, nearing the billion dollar mark for a single lottery jackpot. But for now your just going to have to start your own company and hope your IPO goes well if you want to have a chance at a billion dollar jackpot. The other 318 million dollar winning ticket was sold in Atlanta, Georgia. That’s going to buy a lot of peaches.