Happy Halloween Silicon Valley!

Happy Halloween Silicon Valley! The Kincade fire smoke has mostly cleared from the Bay Area but it’s still a spare the air day. Just don’t spare the candy!

The dangers of the high wind event have passed and the fire fighters were much more prepared this time with prepositioned fire crews

Remember when Think Geek used to have cool stuff for Halloween? Like these free t-shirts that were a different theme every year? Way back before Game Stop bought and destroyed Think Geek?

Here’s the Horror Movie Monsters themed shirt design with Timmy the ThinkGeek monkey fending them off with a cricket bat, just like Shaun of the Dead. Now ThinkGeek is a ghost of a company absorbed by Game Stop. The actual domain thinkgeek.com just reroutes to Gamestop with a few pictures of Think Geek era merchandise.

ThinkGeek’s 2014 Halloween T-shirt with Timmy fending off legendary horror movie monsters.