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Rain in the Valley

Rain is finally falling in Silicon Valley. It won’t amount to much but it is good to see some rain washing the pollen and Gobi Desert dust out of the air. This storm is actually bringing some snow to the higher altitude Sierra’s as well. Spring snowboarding anyone? The west is of course still in a serious drought and this welcome bit of precipitation won’t change that. Keep saving water when you can.

Serious Rain is Falling on Silicon Valley

Serious rain. Yes. Genuine H2O. DiHydrogen Oxide. Wet Stuff. Liquid Gold. Whatever you want to call it, there is rain falling fairly heavily right now in Silicon Valley. Water from the sky has not graced it’s presence for quite some time here in the Bay Area but yet here it is.

Rain in Silicon Valley 2015


Drops of water falling from the sky.

Quite amazing stuff.

If it was raining a Double IPA it would be some sort of brewer’s miracle. but just liquid water is just fine.

Water falls from the sky.

A rare event is happening right now in Silicon Valley. Rain. Tiny drops of water falling from the sky.


This little storm will drop a few inches of snow up in the mountains above 7,000 feet. Not enough to get the Donner Party stranded and barely a dent in California’s serious drought. In the long run this mini rainstorm does nothing for the extended drought of the Republik of Kalifornia. Did you know that the long run is only .5 of a mile? That’s right half a mile. At least according to Wikipedia.

Time for California to develop a comprehensive water development plan before the agriculture and beer brewing industries go extinct like this little green guy.