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Verizon Wireless outage in Santa Clara and San Jose

Verizon Wireless service has been down all day in parts Santa Clara and San Jose in the heart of Silicon Valley.
After spotty service last week, whatever the problem was took the service out completely for a while. Verizon Wireless service does seem to be back up for now. Who knows if there will be any word from Verizon on what caused the outage or even if they will admit to having an outage. Customers of AT&T and Sprint seem to still have cell service so it doesn’t seem to be the dreaded Solar Apocalypse.

NASA Solar Flare
NASA image of a massive solar flare on April 16, 2012. Better put on that sunscreen.

It could quite possibly be a localized Sharknado swirling around a Verizon cell tower. Flying sharks get hungry and they’ll eat just about anything.

“Verizon is working to restore your services” is the blanket statement on their Verizon Service Outage Information web page.

Happy data streaming Silicon Valley and beware of flying sharks!

Silicon Valley is home to another lottery jackpot winner

The $400 million¬†$425 million Powerball drawing for Wednesday night Feb 19th was won by a single ticket sold in Milpitas. Some lucky winner bought the jackpot slip of paper from the Dixon Landing Chevron on California Circle in Milpitas. Hopefully it wasn’t someone filling up their Lambo on the way back home from Facebook.Two 5/5 tickets were also sold in California. One ticket was purchased in Modesto and the other in El Segundo, worth¬†$1,444,906 each.

For the rest of us SiliconCallions who didn’t win, we’ll just have to make our millions the old fashioned way. Start a company and sell it to Google.