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Virgin America serves real beer in flight

Richard Branson’s Virgin America has many advantages over the budget airline competition. One of them is the ability to order drinks and food using the touchscreen on the back of the headrest on every seat. Here you can order basic drinks (still free) or the “Good Stuff” as Virgin America calls them. Just swipe your credit card on the screen and your order is brought right to you. And Virgin America has real beer. In a can. Before you scoff, ponder a little beer can tech below the image.

Black Star beer in a can–a mini keg if you will

Beer ‘bottled’ in cans seals out light and oxygen, two mortal enemies of fresh hoppy beer. Another mortal enemy of fresh beer flavor is heat. While the can isn’t that different from the bottle in staying cool, the can is lighter than the bottle, easier to transport and stack in your cooler, easier to recycle, and much more forgiving when you toss a brew to your buddy who isn’t paying attention. And when the cans are recycled, the precious aluminum (aluminium for those non US readers) may just be made into a Virgin Galactic spaceship. I’m pretty sure Richard Branson will serve beer in space as well. Just have to figure out that whole weightless beer pouring thing…

So the next time you see a craft brew in a can, give it a try. You’re in for a pleasant surprise. Other beers besides Black Star appearing on Virgin America flights are Blue Moon, Heineken, ¬†and if you like, Bud Light.