And Now His Watch Has Ended – Of Anything at all on Television

Game of Thrones, one of the best shows on television in recent memory, somehow was allowed to end based on some 12 year old’s fan fiction. Eight long years of careful foreshadowing, plot building and sometimes even character development was thrown away as if into a sky cell.

For the night is dark and full of terrible writing.

Arya the Explorer heads “West of Westeros”. Really?

HBO was, for a while, thought to be immune from the manipulative bullshit of standard television . But nope. Game of Thrones was good enough to make people forget that “The Sopranos” also ended very badly on HBO with it’s “fade to black” The End finale.

Don’t get me wrong, Game of Thrones Season 8’s finale had some powerful, well done moments, but they were all disjointed and lacked flow in the actual story. The actors valiant efforts to make the scene believable felt wasted in a story that made no logical sense. Something was definitely missing in the finale. Was it an errant anachronistic coffee cup?

HBO is done. The high priced model of subscription television is done. And HBO knew it. Before the last few tragic episodes of Game of Thrones, HBO was pushing Chernobyl and whatever other new TV series that they think will retain paying subscribers after the confused Game of Thrones ending.

The latest Game of Thrones episode just proves that, given enough hero worship, any crap writing can be deemed genius and pushed forward to production. SNL has been doing it for years and most of the stoned TV watchers as that hour don’t notice at all. The writing has been dumbed down in an attempt to please all. But time and again, attempts to please all with any production end up pleasing no one. So that is where we are today with the much anticipated Game of Thrones finale. No one is pleased. EspecialyJon Snow.