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How to open a Windows Administrator Command Prompt

How to open a Windows Administrator Command Prompt

First you must be logged into your Windows computer with an account that has Administrator rights.

1. Click on the Windows Start Button:

Windows-7-Start-Button2. Click on All Programs:


3. Click on Accessories:

4. Click on Command Prompt:

5. Right click on Command Prompt and click on “Run as administrator”:


And your Windows Administrator Command Prompt opens, giving you the command line power to run dos commands as an administrator. Just be careful with how you use that power!


Notice that the Windows Administrator Command Prompt defaults to C:\Windows\system32> rather than the C:\Users> directory of the standard user Command Prompt. The title bar of the Administrator Command Prompt also shows that it’s different from the standard Command Prompt.

Windows-Command-Prompt-user-dos-cmd Happy Friday and enjoy the “winter” weather this weekend!