Happy National Puppy Day!

Happy National Puppy Day Silicon Valley! Another sorta holiday that just happens to coincide with National Chip and Dip Day in 2015. Though we don’t recommend that you mix the two holidays. National Puppy Day was created in 2006 by Colleen Paige. She created a few other animal related holidays.



Beagle puppies are traditionally given the day off of work on National Puppy Day. Though they may have to work later than usual the next day to make up the time. This particular pup works for a venture capital firm that primarily invests in bacon based start ups.

The people of Earth are encouraged to savor the warmth of these biological puppies. It won’t be long before they are replaced with robotic dogs roaming the planet:

Water falls from the sky.

A rare event is happening right now in Silicon Valley. Rain. Tiny drops of water falling from the sky.


This little storm will drop a few inches of snow up in the mountains above 7,000 feet. Not enough to get the Donner Party stranded and barely a dent in California’s serious drought. In the long run this mini rainstorm does nothing for the extended drought of the Republik of Kalifornia. Did you know that the long run is only .5 of a mile? That’s right half a mile. At least according to Wikipedia.

Time for California to develop a comprehensive water development plan before the agriculture and beer brewing industries go extinct like this little green guy.


Photographer captures the ISS transiting Solar Eclipse

The March 20th Solar Eclipse wasn’t visible from Silicon Cali but through the power of the internets we get to see some amazing images taken of the event.

Well known French Astrophotographer Thierry Legault captured this awesome video of the International Space Station (ISS) transiting the Solar Eclipse:

Thierry Legault shot these images in Spain using a CCD camera equipped telescope with solar filters. You can’t capture this kind of imagery with your iPhone 6. Check out his website here:  http://www.astrophoto.fr/

Happy Pi Day Silicon Valley!

Today is the once a century Pi Day that the date of 3/14/15 at exactly  9:26:53.58 in whichever time zone you are in lines up with the digits of Pi.






Be sure to grab a slice of your fave pizza pie or dessert pie and enjoy Pi day. March 14th also happens to be Einstein’s birthday.


Check out an explanation of Pi from this British Boffin:

Hanging out at Beer Camp

Happy Friday the 13th Silicon Valley!

Another warm weekend is upon us with no rain or winter like weather in sight. Winter is coming, but not until April 12th. California just may become a parched desert for a while. Some estimate that California only has one year left of water. A lack of fresh water supply may be the only thing that will start lowering Bay Area property values.

Time to save water by drinking beer. This weekend is a great time to try out some of Sierra Nevada’s Beer Camp West Coast Double IPA. A lighter drinking golden amber DIPA with some hoppy bitterness but a smooth, clean finish. Best enjoyed by an unlit fireplace if you are in the parts of California that don’t celebrate winter. Though all of these great California beers are made with California water. We may have to start desalinating water up and down the entire state to keep the brewing industry going. Saver those hoppy sips!



Silicon Valley gets wet!

Silicon Valley and the SF Bay Area are still enduring the biggest rain storm in 6 years. With high winds and heavy heavy downpours, this #Stormaggedon is feeling like a weak hurricane.

Roads all over the area are flooded. This is what 101 looked like in the evening commute.

In the deep standing water were parts of vehicles that had come off of cars swamped by the water. Anything lowered is not going to do well here. Yes it has been a #HellaStorm and it still continues to dump much needed rain on SiliconCali and the Bay Area.

Silicon Valley hasn’t seen this much rain since 2009

Silicon Valley and the Bay Area are finally getting drenched by some much needed rain.

We haven’t seen this scale of wet weather since 2009.


While this won’t be enough precip to quench California’s thirsty reservoirs, it will help to put a dent in the drought. These downpours may also help wash some of the Human Waste off the streets of San Francisco. Of course it all gets washed into the San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean, so be warned, don’t swim in the yellow bay.

Don’t swim in the yellow bay.
Image: Human Wasteland








Tuesday will see the most powerful of this weeks storms, with the potential for high winds and lightning coming tonight. Watch for delays and cancelled flights at SFO if you’re flying in or out of the area.


Of course this storm will bring some snow up to the Sierra above 7000 feet, so this weekend should be a good time to get some early season snow time in. Check out the Northstar Snow Stake Cam to see if it will be worth the drive up the mountain.


Stay safe out there Silicon Cali peeps! You know Californians can’t drive in the rain. Especially when they’re busy checking their twitter feed instead of watching the road.


The last poppy has been placed around the Tower of London

The last poppy has been placed in the moat of the famous Tower of London commemorating Armistice Day in the United Kingdom.

This is what you’ll see when landing in the heart of Silicon Valley at night

Landing at San Jose International Airport in Silicon Valley brings you across the bright lights of the valley. Now all you have to do is build a startup that will make you enough cash to fly in the Gulfstream jets on the other side of the runway. Good luck!

5.7 magnitude earthquake hits near American Canyon

5.7 mag earthquake hits the Bay Area and Silicon Valley

A 5.7 or 6.0 magnitude earthquake rattles American Canyon and Napa Valley at 3:20 am on Sunday morning.

Some wine bottles must have been shakin’ up in Napa. Down here in Silicon Valley we just felt some mild shaking, but nothing fell down and shattered. Yet. Internet and power still running fine down here. Until The Big One.

Hope everyone is OK up in Napa County and the vicinity. Reports of several thousand power outages and broken glass up in Napa. Highway 37 is damaged in Santa Rosa and some brick buildings in Napa are destroyed. Highway 121 in Sonoma is currently shutdown due to possible pavement buckling from the quake. Gas leaks are being reported as well as fires in the Napa area. Shops in Vallejo are cleaning up broken glass and damaged brick walls. Looks like the #NapaQuake is the biggest we’ve had in the Bay Area in quite a while. Actually this is the largest quake to hit the Bay Area since the 1989 Loma Prieta quake. Stay safe and don’t touch anything sparking.

Now USGS is showing the Napa Quake as a 6.1 magnitude quake and with a quake of this magnitude aftershocks are expected. Maybe in hours or maybe over weeks. We just don’t have the quake prediction capability as of yet.

Safeway in American Canyon is bleeding wine after the strong earthquake.

photo tweeted by Anindya Chaudhuri

And the Napa Hall of Justice has been damaged in the quake.

photo tweeted by Jessette Porter ‏@racrmom


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